About Us

We’re Jennifer and Stephanie.  Two sisters who live together in Brooklyn, New York. We both work full time jobs in the digital financial and marketing industry. With demanding schedules and modest budgets, we haven’t consistently kept to any kind of diet or regiment in years!  Our intention with this blog is to share our goals, successes and challenges with the cleanse.

Growing up on a Latin and American based diet, we have enjoyed everything from glorious melting pupusas to the indulging foodie spots up and down all 5 NYC boroughs.

We have always LOVED FOOD.

If you want to try a new foodie rave or whip up a mean huevos rancheros to indulge all your senses – we’re your girls! However, our bodies started to wave the meanest red flags in 2014 that it couldn’t keep up with all of our indulgent behavior.

Our journey began with following Alejandro Junger’s Clean Cleanse as our detoxification bible for 21 days. You will find our adventures and experiences with the 21 day detox program as well as how we’ve maintained a sustainable clean lifestyle after the fact.

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Sisters who aspire to live clean although we've historically been a little sucias …

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